I have been doing photography since as far back as I can remember. I'm from the old school of film and developing prints in a darkroom and my first official photography job was working on my senior high school newspaper. It was exciting and I loved the sports photography and capturing that one moment! I decided to head to college to learn more about photography and received my degree from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Once I graduated, like all young people, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life. I have a passion for both pets and people and love working with both. I have now combined my passions together.
Last year I decided that I wanted to help people be better companions with their their fur kids so I enrolled in Animal Behavioral College and received my certification as a Dog Trainer in August of 2013. I am so passionate about animals and helping them that I quit my full time job to volunteer at shelters and rescues. My training and photography abilities help those pups find their forever homes. Dogs live for today and in the moment. They all want to feel safe and loved. My photography helps capture that one moment with their owners that will last them a life time. I love the dog's ears and the expressions they give us using those ears. I have had several of the shelter pups that I have photographed find their forever homes and so proud that I was part of their journey.

My current family consists of 2 golden retrievers, Roxy and Bentley and my best friend and husband, Trevor. I could not have made this move within his love and support.